Sycol works with a range of organisations and services within the UK and
internationally to help transform performance and results, including;

  • Schools, academies, academy chains, HE and FE
  • Police
  • Local Authority departments and services – e.g. Children’s Services
  • Healthcare services – e.g. hospitals and care homes
  • Hospitality sector: hotels and restaurant chains

Sycol’s expert support will make your organisation smarter and leaner, helping it become more focused, efficient and effective as well as delivering tangible time and cost benefits. We engage all your employees in the change process starting with strengthening your vision, mission and values and nailing a high-bar, clear direction to the mast with plain language goals.

Our tried-and-tested programme is popular with team members (take a look at our High-Performance Wall) because we involve them all. They each become part of a new team that is regularly tasked with building (and shown how-to) world-class systems. Imagine having your people building world-class systems to drive performance within your organisation.

Sycol stands-out from the crowd because we offer a superior, cost-effective alternative to the traditional and more expensive (open-cheque) consultancy that’s on offer from most other companies. Our programme is also unique because it gives you:

  1. A turn-key solution that’s geared entirely toward you achieving greater results and a sustainable, high-performance culture.
  2. A framework that engages your entire workforce in systematic improvement.
  3. Full control and flexibility over the pace of change required; whether you need it to be rapid or more gradual.

Yes it does.

We have evidence from all of our customers showing the gains and improvements they achieve in terms of outcomes and outputs, workforce engagement, practice-standards and culture. In addition to these results, our customers love working us and much as we love working with them. Read some of our Customer Stories to see for yourself.

Congratulations on being good already. Do you want to be the best? If the answer is “yes” then our programme will almost certainly propel you to the next level. Maybe you have reached a glass-ceiling and you need a new breakthrough. Sycol will help you achieve this, helping you rise above the rest.

If you choose to work with us, then we will support you 100% of the way. In the first year this will involve:

  • An analysis of where you are at
  • A presentation to your organisation about the change process and the improvements that lie ahead
  • The training of a team within your organisation as Sycol Leads
  • At least three further onsite sessions of support and challenge spread over the year

In addition, you will have full online access to your programme with e-learning courses for 24-7 study and comprehensive resources. We will track your progress each step of the way using our online dashboard and stay in touch with you regularly via email, telephone and Skype.

In the second and third year you will be supported by;

  • One day of training for your Sycol Leads team
  • Three onsite challenge and support visits per year
  • New programme content each year
  • Continued contact and monitoring as provided in year 1

Therefore, Sycol’s programme offers a three-year partnership that is designed to build, embed and sustain a high-performance culture. This reflects what experts in leadership and organisational change are united in saying – that a period of this amount is required in order for a transformation programme to make its fullest impact.

Once we have discussed your needs and any specific requirements that you may have, then we can usually get started within a few weeks. The leaders and managers of your organsiation will play a big part in determining the success of the programme and in communicating its importance to all of your workforce members. Right from the get-go, Sycol’s message will be about smarter work, not more work.

Yes, the programme is purposefully flexible so that we can tailor it to fit your needs. As part of our service, we will talk everything through with you in detail before deciding to adapt any part of the programme to better achieve your goals (at no additional cost). You will benefit from our expertise and experience in helping hundreds of organisations as we tell you precisely what you must do in order to achieve your goals with us.

Yes you can, and it’s actually a good idea too. So if you know of two, three or more other interested organisations it could make real sense for you to start Sycol together. You may decide to be trained together, but you’ll almost certainly create an instant community of support for the duration of the change journey. Going forward, your teams will be able to receive and offer support, motivation and challenge to the other teams within your group of organisations.

Because the programme runs over three years we will offer you the option of paying in three, annual fixed cost payments. This is a very popular option with all our customers as it helps you spread the cost evenly over time and to budget effectively. We also make the following promises:

  1. We believe in trust – that’s why you will never see any hidden or sneaky costs from us.
  2. We believe in transparency – that’s why the price you will pay will never go up while you are working with us.
  3. We believe in fairness – that’s why we will price the programme according to the size of your organisation. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, and we do not expect a small organisation to pay the same as a large one that will require more of our time and resource.

So what are you waiting for?

We look forward hearing about your organisation, its goals and size and we will be delighted to provide you with a custom proposal and price, free of charge. Request a conversation now.

Our Terms and Conditions form part of every contract and can be found at T&Cs Sycol

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