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Simple and effective ways to improve your organisation, service or company.

For Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities

Is your hard-working staff disengaged or frustrated? Is there a need for more trust, ownership and initiative? And do you feel tired of battling ineffective practices or afraid that your school will suffer at the next inspection?

With our training programmes, we’ll get your staff on board and build an effective, sustainable framework that helps your school, academy, college or university achieve its full potential and retain its talented people.

Our programmes help you:

  • Set and maintain a high standard

  • Include all staff in raising the bar of performance and progress

  • Create a solution-oriented mindset and practice

  • Support senior leaders in cultivating a resilient, empowered and forward-thinking staff.

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For Teams and Services in Public Sector

Is your service bogged down in bureaucracy? Are you busy fire-fighting and dealing with daily matters instead of leading and improving your team?

We work with local authorities, social, health and other public sector services and organisations offering bespoke programmes that help you:

  • Identify the most and least successful existing practises

  • Create opportunities for a more cohesive and collaborative working environment

  • Eliminate bureaucracy, waste of money and resource.

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For Businesses

Juggling too many balls and feeling overwhelmed? Inefficient employee workflows and ineffective systems don’t allow your business to grow?

We help you transform your business into an agile and responsive company of the 21st century by supporting you with training, resources and regular contact.

Our programmes help you:

  • Stimulate and challenge your employees to perform better in a psychologically safe working environment

  • Build a culture that attracts and retains the best talent

  • Become a more effective leader through distributed leadership.

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Our Happy Clients

Since 2004, Sycol has helped build a high-performing culture in hundreds of organisations.

“Sycol Helped Our Academy Achieve ‘Outstanding’ Status”

Patrick Ferguson

Patrick Ferguson


Hope Academy, UK


In 2015, our newly formed academy was facing a challenge of joining two communities together. Unique groups, diverse ideas and conflicting behaviours, but no one really knowing what we were trying to achieve.


We had heard wonderful testimonies about Sycol, but we weren’t sure whether our deflated staff would see any effort as the next “big thing” that would disappear as quickly as it had arrived. We questioned whether a system that required patience and self-reflection would allow us to make the swift changes that we needed.


Yet, Sycol’s collaborative approach to formulating our vision, mission and values allowed us to explore our own identity and discover what was going to enable us to be successful.

Once our Vision was clear, everyone in the team was eager to become involved in making it happen. Five innovation teams were formed, led by staff in different positions. As an “Academy in Special Measures” at the time, staff were working relentlessly to improve standards and volunteered on mass to work on the academy rather than just in it.


10 months after we started working with Sycol, we were judged by Ofsted to be a “good” academy. In April 2018, we were inspected under Section 48 of the Education framework as “outstanding” in all four areas.

This transformation wouldn’t have been possible without Sycol.

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Ioan Rees

Dr. Ioan Rees

Sycol Founder and CEO