Who We Are

In 15 years of our experience, Sycol has helped hundreds of organisations, teams and services in 9 countries build a high-performing culture that keeps the staff happy and the organisations successful.

Tired of battling ineffective practices and enthusing demotivated employees? Frustrated because nothing seems to make a difference to how your team, organisation or service is performing?

We’ll help you build a psychologically safe work environment that imbues your employees with confidence and allows your team to thrive.

Whom We Help

  • Organisations in the education sector: Schools, academies, colleges and universities that find it challenging to engage their staff in a meaningful way to improve their standards, performance and results.
  • Public services and teams: Local authorities, social, health and other public sector services that find it challenging to deliver services to the highest standard because of bureaucracy, resource wastage and low team engagement.

  • Teams in the corporate sector: Businesses that struggle to create a workplace that encourages initiative and collaboration to innovate, learn and produce better results.

The Sycol Approach

Since 2004, we’ve helped improve hundreds of organisations, teams and services in 9 countries using our own unique approach based on psychology and cognitive behavioural science.

The Sycol Approach is built around psychological safety – the key to high-performing teams and workplace culture.

To help you build a psychologically safe working environment, our training and development programmes take your team or organisation through four transformative stages: Mindset, Will, Skill and Behaviour.


During our introductory sessions, the leaders, managers and employees learn the key components and benefits of a strong psychological mindset and psychologically safe working environment.


Your team can only improve if it understands the purpose and works towards the common goal. We help you discover, describe and communicate your true cause, mission and values.


Once all team members understand the importance of psychological safety and are committed to the same goals, we help them build the essential skills to create and sustain a high-performing culture.


When team members feel psychologically safe, they aren’t afraid to speak up, take initiative and become involved. We help nurture these emerging behaviours so that they become the embedded norms.

Our Core Team Members

Ioan Rees

Dr. Ioan Rees

Sycol Founder and CEO

Chartered psychologist, author and presenter

Petrina North

Petrina North

Director of Sycol Programmes

Experienced education and public sector senior leader and school principal

Our Happy Clients

In 15 years of our experience, we helped transform hundreds of organisations across 9 countries.

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Ioan Rees

Dr. Ioan Rees

Sycol Founder and CEO