How it works

Great learning cultures are intentional; they are built by design and produce the very best outcomes for learners.  We have yet to observe a great culture that has evolved by default or osmosis.  Creating an effective culture is a matter of making it a focus point within the school strategy.

The Sycol programme delivers proven, practical guidance for your school or academy to ensure you achieve excellence by embedding continuous improvement at the heart of all that you do. The 3-year training programme, coupled with a huge online resource bank, provides a clear structure to achieve excellence shared in the form of Focus Points that are organised in three phases; Build, Embed and Sustain.

Why choose Sycol?

Every vibrant, healthy, inspiring, innovative and positive learning culture that we have helped build has not occurred because culture has been placed ahead of strategy, but because it has been a key driver of the school’s strategy.

The Sycol programme:

  • Provides a structured, 3-year plan that will guide you and your staff each step of the way in building the culture and practice of continuous improvement;
  • Includes comprehensive online resources and support to help you sustain your progress and allow us to support you in a cost effective and timely way;
  • Allows you to see and use innovations and new systems developed by other schools in the areas of teaching and learning, behaviour, environment and distributed leadership – ideal for sharing best practice and encouraging development.

Fantastic achievement by the Godley Primary leads achieving Black Belt status

What results can I expect to see?

The Sycol programme promotes a high performance culture in your school or academy as it:

  • Engages all staff in continuous, positive self-improvement
  • Raises the bar
  • Creates effective distributed leadership at all levels
  • Reviews and aligns the school vision, mission and values with strategic performance
  • Promotes the practices of sharing knowledge and utilising expertise between schools and academies to create a ‘self-improving’ learning community;
  • Stimulates a vibrant, positive learning culture that promotes whole-school improvement in place of firefighting problems as and when they arise
  • Allows you to work at your own pace through a guided online programme to raise standards

Making Progress with Sycol

The programme begins with an introductory twilight session for all staff to introduce the school to the programme and let you know what you can expect over the next three years.  We ask you to identify a group of staff from across the school who become the ‘Leads’ for the programme.

Sycol Leads will acquire new and important skills to support them grow as aspirational and inspirational professionals, able to influence positive change on your staff.  They will support the distribution of leadership and empowerment of colleagues to drive systemic, continuous improvement in an organised and rigorous way.  Sycol delivers a full day training with this group to build your core team within your school and to get the programme started, delivering similar training in years 2 and 3.

As you work through the programme you will be able to log and track progress via our online dashboard which allows you to:

  1. Chart your own journey and progress against a set of ‘stepping stones’;
  2. Share experiences, resources and best practices with each other and other schools;

Engage and involve all members of your learning community in continuous improvement.

In addition to the online resources, Sycol also provides a complete programme pack including manuals and memory joggers so you everything you need to successfully progress through the programme.

Sycol further supports by delivering termly, half-day coaching sessions with the group of Leads (optional during the course of the programme).  In-school support is designed to keep the impact on T&L to a minimum, whereby we work alongside your Leads and/or conduct sessions as twilight. We work around you and your school to plan the most efficient and cost effective delivery method. Sycol Leads progress and develops, achieving a number of graded ‘belts’ as they work through the programme (yellow, green, blue and black) and ultimately become a Master Black Belt, able to train other members of staff.

Sycol includes online, email, telephone and skype support as part of the programme but if your school or academy would like us to spend more time onsite with your staff or perhaps provide some refresher/new starter training then you are welcome to purchase additional CPD and coaching sessions on an ad hoc basis.

Over the course of the three-year programme, your school will be able to work through the three phases of Build, Embed and Sustain and, on completion of the programme, will be awarded a Sycol plaque.  Should you wish to continue benefitting from the online resources and access to support you can become a Sustain+ member.  This is an annual rolling membership which supports you in maintaining the culture of continuous improvement you will have instilled in your school.

How much does Sycol cost?

Our programme is priced based on the Number on Roll at your establishment and the level of termly support you would like, and we discuss all this with you beforehand.  We’re more than happy to give you a bespoke proposal – simply get in touch.

Ready to create a culture of high performance?

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