Sycol are supporting the entire Essex SAT to build a world-class service. The team is big! Divided into four geographical sub-teams, there are approximately 100 colleagues in total — all eager to learn more about how to transform traditional work-patterns into cutting-edge ones. Following an initial training day (that went down a storm) we are now working with Essex over the entire year to develop s sustainable model of practice and mindset shift.


 What the Essex SA Team Wanted


Like all teams – the Essex team wanted to be the best at what they do. And, against the backdrop of tightening resources they are determined to grow, improve and innovate themselves beyond all recognition.


Our Solution


Initially our work was focused only upon delivering a fantastic one day training for the team members, and some really great outcomes were achieved that day — like drilling down into finding  the goals of the service and thrashing out its values and vision.  As the day progressed it became clear that it was an unifying experience for the team and everybody were eager, enthusiastic, and super-professional.


Following the success of the day, action was quickly taken to secure more support and challenge from Sycol for the entire year ahead.


So now, with a clear plan in place, Sycol Leads are being trained in each locality base. Our team Leads will be fluent in Lean, Systems and Solutions thinking and be utilised to run a plethora of innovation teams, driving continuous improvement,


As ever, Sycol remains at hand to support the team with our 100% commitment — via regular visits from one of our Black-Belt consultants.


Our aim together is to create a service that is:

1. Transparent
2. Highly effective
3. Values-driven and,
4. a great team to be part.


We’d be happy to challenge and support your service or team in just the same way – all you have to do is get in touch.