A simple and effective way to improve your team or service

Are you busy dealing with daily matters instead of leading and improving your organisation? Is your service bogged down in bureaucracy? Do you have a review coming up and afraid of the outcome?

We offer bespoke programmes that help you:

  • Identify the most and least successful existing practises

  • Create opportunities for a more cohesive and collaborative working environment

  • Eliminate bureaucracy, waste of money and resource.
  • Help create a psychologically safe working environment that makes your workforce happier and more engaged, and your organisation successful

The Sycol Approach

Our proven approach is based on psychology and cognitive behavioural science and focuses on people-to-people change that affects mindset, discipline and culture, and drives change across the whole organisation.

Our bespoke training programmes help build psychologically safe working environments where the workforce as well as the leaders are not afraid to take ownership of their words and actions promoting open communication, integrity and initiative.

Training Duration and Fees

Our training programmes are closely aligned with your needs, and we work at the pace that is most suitable to your situation.

We offer effective interventions of between 1 and 3 days that provide an affordable way to make quick and specific changes to your team or service with minimum downtime. These short-duration training programmes also help if you need to achieve urgent improvement, for example, for an upcoming review.

We also offer longer bespoke programmes and project support that last between 3 and 12 months for services and teams that may require more widespread or deeper changes.

The fees for the training programmes are determined individually based upon the length of the project, your requirements and the size of your team or service.

Our Happy Clients

In 15 years of our experience, we helped transform hundreds of organisations across 9 countries.

“Sycol Helped Us Improve Our Turnaround Time and Manage Difficult Situations”

Deborah Page

Deborah Page

Principal Educational Psychologist and Head of Service

Derbyshire County Council, UK


When I joined Derbyshire County Council as a new leader, I felt that we had no clear vision to shape the development of the service and to guide us when things became challenging. That’s why we invited Sycol to help us develop a shared vision, mission and values.

Reservations and Solution

Some colleagues had expressed their concern that it would be just words displayed on a wall without any real impact. But once we started working with Sycol and the purpose and the value of everyday work became clear to each team member, we felt a real shift in the team mindset.


Sycol’s core framework helped us understand that we can manage every difficult situation through listening, collaboration and optimism.

Moreover, after Sycol helped us embed an innovation strategy into the service, we were able to change our administrative systems to improve turnaround time, create a new system to track our CPD and monitor staff wellbeing, and improve our marketing strategy.

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Ioan Rees

Dr. Ioan Rees

Sycol Founder and CEO