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The Sycol 3-Year Education Programme

Information, Scope & Fees

The Programme

As a leader, do you feel like your organisation is not fulfilling its true potential? And even if it’s already outstanding, the pressure of maintaining that high standard is enormous.

The Sycol 3-Year programme offers a clear, actionable roadmap and effective framework that make complicated things simple and ensures that over the next years you will succeed as a leader, team and organisation.

The programme is specifically designed for schools, academies, MATs, colleges and universities that want to get rid of inefficient practises, engage their staff in continuous improvement, and establish a high-performing culture.

  • Whom is it for: Leadership and all staff
  • Location: Onsite and online
  • Duration: 3 years


The programme will help you:

  • Review and align your vision, mission and values with strategic high performance
  • Engage all staff in a solution-oriented mindset of continuous, positive self-improvement whereby each takes ownership
  • Support effective distributed leadership in cultivating a resilient, empowered and forward-thinking staff
  • Set and maintain a consistently high standard that promotes the practice of sharing knowledge and resource thus utilising expertise within and between schools (MAT/Alliance/Cluster) to create a self-improving community
  • Review and align your vision, mission and values with strategic performance

  • Engage all staff in continuous, positive self-improvement by creating a psychologically safe working culture

  • Stimulate a vibrant, positive learning culture that promotes whole-organisation improvement  through distributed leadership instead of firefighting the problems as they arise

  • Promote the practices of sharing knowledge and utilising expertise within and between the organisations to create a self-improving community.

By joining the programme, you’ll get:

  • A structured 3-year plan that guides you and your staff each step of the way in building a psychologically safe working environment, a high-performing culture and practice of continuous improvement
  • Comprehensive online resources and support to help you sustain your progress that allow you to work at your own pace
  • Access to the innovations and new systems developed by other organisations in the areas of teaching and learning, behaviour, environment and distributed leadership to share and adopt best practice and encourage development.

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How Does It Work?

3 Phases of the Programme

The Sycol 3-year Programme is organised in three phases that correspond to one year each: Build, Embed and Sustain.

During the Build phase that takes place over the 1st year, we help you build the mindset, systems, leadership, psychological safety and innovation framework – the core of a high-performing culture.

In the following years, we help you embed these changes in the daily life of your organisation and show you how to sustain them to ensure a self-improving system.

Getting Started

The programme begins with an introductory session to introduce all staff to the programme and talk about what you can expect over the next three years.

We ask you to identify a group of staff from across the organisation who will become the Leads for the programme. Depending upon the programme you select, SLT will receive coaching.

Sycol Leads participate in special training sessions in the beginning and throughout the programme that will help them acquire the skills necessary for them to support the distribution of leadership and empower their colleagues to drive continuous improvement in an organised and rigorous way.

Progressing through the programme

As you work through the programme, you log and track your progress via our online dashboard that allows you to:

  • Chart your own journey and progress against a set of performance indicators

  • Share experiences, resources and best practices within your school as well as with other schools

  • Engage and involve all members of your learning community in continuous improvement.

Additionally, you’ll get a printed programme pack including manuals and memory joggers to support your progress through the programme.

As Sycol Leads work through the programme, they achieve a number of graded “belts” – yellow, green, blue and black – and ultimately become a Master Black Belt able to train other members of staff.

We work with you and your organisation to plan the most efficient and cost-effective delivery method and support you with onsite training sessions as well as via email, telephone and Skype.

Completing the Programme

At the end of the 3rd year after you’ve worked through the Build, Embed and Sustain phases of the programme, you’ll be awarded a Sycol plaque that accredits your achievement and the achievement of your organisation.

If you’d like to continue benefiting from our online resources and the access to our support, we offer you an opportunity to become a Sustain+ member that allows us to further support you in maintaining the culture of continuous improvement you will have instilled in your organisation.

Your Investment

Our programme price is based upon the size and number of organisations joining – something that we will discuss with you beforehand.


Access to online dashboard and resources
Whole staff training session
Onsite planning and briefing session for leadership
Training of Sycol Leads & Leadership Coaching
Manuals and training resources
“Training into Practice” action planning session
Continuous Professional Development (CPD) certification
Telephone and email support throughout the programme
Named Sycol Black-Belt Support Partner
Support phone call for Head Lead (monthly)
Onsite challenge session to make further practical improvements (termly)
Accreditation as a Sycol Organisation
Training session for Governors (annually) – optional

Your investment per organisation, per year: £6,000 – £12,000 + VAT

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“Sycol Helped Our Academy Achieve ‘Outstanding’ Status”

Patrick Ferguson

Patrick Ferguson


Hope Academy, UK


In 2015, our newly formed academy was facing a challenge of joining two communities together. Unique groups, diverse ideas and conflicting behaviours, but no one really knowing what we were trying to achieve.


We had heard wonderful testimonies about Sycol, but we weren’t sure whether our deflated staff would see any effort as the next “big thing” that would disappear as quickly as it had arrived. We questioned whether a system that required patience and self-reflection would allow us to make the swift changes that we needed.


Yet, Sycol’s collaborative approach to formulating our vision, mission and values allowed us to explore our own identity and discover what was going to enable us to be successful.

Once our Vision was clear, everyone in the team was eager to become involved in making it happen. Five innovation teams were formed, led by staff in different positions. As an “Academy in Special Measures” at the time, staff were working relentlessly to improve standards and volunteered on mass to work on the academy rather than just in it.


10 months after we started working with Sycol, we were judged by Ofsted to be a “good” academy. In April 2018, we were inspected under Section 48 of the Education framework as “outstanding” in all four areas.

This transformation wouldn’t have been possible without Sycol.

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