The Sycol 3-Year Programme

As a leader, do you feel like your organisation is not fulfilling its true potential? And even if it’s already outstanding, the pressure of maintaining that high standard is enormous.

The Sycol 3-Year programme offers a clear, actionable roadmap and effective framework that make complicated things simple and ensures that over the next years you will succeed as a leader, team and organisation.

  • Whom is it for: Leadership and all staff

  • Location: Onsite and online

  • Duration: 3 years

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Rapid Response Programme

Have an inspection coming up or need to improve the performance of your school or academy quickly?

Our intensive two-term turnaround and transformation support programme helps create a psychologically safe working environment that allows you, your staff and your school reach its full potential and establish high-performing leadership, teams and practices.

  • Whom is it for: Leadership and all staff

  • Location: On and offsite
  • Duration: 2 terms

1-Day Onsite Training Programmes

The following 1-day onsite training programmes are designed to provide an introduction to the concept of a psychologically safe working environment and/or help you with certain short-term challenges.

  • Psychological Safety Health Check

    An assessment of how psychologically safe your organisation is, supported by a written report with recommendations for improvement.

  • Leadership That Ensures Psychological Safety and High Performance

    A training for leadership in how to model, promote and ensure psychological safety and high performance throughout the organisation.

  • Behaviours and Practices to Ensure Psychological Safety

    A training for the staff that explains the meaning and the importance of a psychologically safe working environment and what behaviours and work practices help ensure it.

  • Facilitation of Vision, Mission and Values

    Training and guidance to help you revise or create a new vision, mission and values statement.

  • Becoming a Lean and Efficient School

    A training for the staff in how to create a lean and efficient class, department and organisation.

“Sycol has set us on a clear path of continuous development and improvement”

We started the Sycol programme because we needed to improve the PRU and the service that we offer in a way that included all of our staff and our important outreach members.

Since following their process, the working environment in the school has improved beyond recognition. We have had people who do not usually work together, coming together and forming stronger professional relationships. The system of researching and innovating that Sycol introduced has also helped us prioritise our tasks.

The Sycol programme has set us on a clear path of continuous development and improvement, and I cannot speak highly enough of it.

Nicola Wynne-Roberts - Head Teacher, Ysgol Plas Cefndy, Pupil Referral Unit (PRU), UK
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Organisations We Helped in the Past

In 15 years of our experience, we helped transform hundreds of organisations across 9 countries.

Hartford Primary School

“Sycol Helped Our Academy Achieve ‘Outstanding’ Status”

Jeremy Griffiths

Jeremy Griffiths


Ysgol Gwynedd, UK


When I took over as Head Teacher in Ysgol Gwynedd, I felt that as a large school, it had failed to move forward with the times. I soon realised that we needed a massive cultural change in order to move the school forward and make it fit for the 21st century.


Sycol was recommended to me as a company whose reputation is highly regarded in our area. Sycol helped us focus on our vision, determine actions and embed a continuous improvement ethos.

Their methodology not only empowered the staff, but gave them the confidence to lead significant school improvement projects in a systematic way.


Within 2 years, the culture in the school has improved significantly. All staff feel valued, and their contributions are incorporated into our school improvement journey, which is now very much a self-improving system.

Sycol has helped us achieve sustainable improvement in a supportive, constructive and methodical manner, where the no-blame approach and guidance helped us find solutions to our own problems, improving the health, well-being and outcomes for all.

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Ioan Rees

Dr. Ioan Rees

Sycol Founder and CEO