The Sycol Programme

Are you juggling too many balls and feeling overwhelmed? Inefficient employee workflows and ineffective systems that don’t allow your business to grow?

We help you transform your business into an agile, lean and responsive company of the 21st century by supporting you with training, resources and regular contact.

We offer short development projects of 1-3 days as well as long-term transformational programmes of 3-12 months that help you:

  • Improve employee value proposition

  • Get employee experience to the highest possible level

  • Introduce and sustain psychologically safe, innovative and nurturing behaviours

  • Turn employee ideas, suggestions and desires into clear actions and results.


3-Month Development Plan: Goals and Actions


  • Support the formation of a culture that promotes your company’s Vision, Mission and Values

  • Develop an innovative, vibrant and psychologically safe culture

  • Develop leadership capabilities

  • Include the voice of all employees

  • Embed effective continuous improvement.


  • Together with the employees, identify and prioritise a list of practises and systems that need to change within the following four key areas:

      • Leadership, people and relationship programmes
      • Work environment and conditions
      • Professional growth and development
      • Communication and IT
  • Create employee-led cross-functional innovation teams that will deliver the change priorities

  • Execute the identified priority actions against time and budget

  • Provide training of a new Culture Team on mindset, behaviour and organisational culture

  • Provide training on leadership development


Petrina North (Sycol) with Martin Hayward (Toyota) during a training session.

Businesses We Helped in the Past

In 15 years of our experience, we helped transform hundreds of organisations across 9 countries.

Angel Solutions

“Sycol Provided a Framework That Will Allow Our Company to Continue Growing While Ensuring a High-Performance Culture.”

Andy Kent

Andy Kent

Chief Executive Officer

Angel Solutions


Angel Solutions have been growing organically for 20 years. We create innovative web-based applications to help all levels of the education sector and work with thousands of schools across the country.

As we scaled the company, we wanted to embrace a high-performance culture while retaining our core DNA. We looked to Sycol due to their track record in both these areas, because we needed someone with an understanding of the challenges we faced in our specific sector.

Reservations and Solution

Sycol spent time with our board to understand, unpick and define our challenges and delivered a series of workshops with our whole team as part of our vision week.

These workshops were very well received by the staff who still refer back to these sessions today, mainly due to the warm style of delivery but also the evidence-based research that underpinned it all.


Sycol provided a framework and set of tools to engage all our staff in building and innovating systems and processes that will allow our company to continue growing while ensuring a high-performance culture.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Sycol and Dr. Ioan Rees to anyone who is serious about company culture, productivity and performance.

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Ioan Rees

Dr. Ioan Rees

Sycol Founder and CEO