Project Description

We’re delighted to announce that the Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy in Derbyshire have joined the Sycol programme – welcome to you all.


Headteacher, Joan McCarthy, explain why she knew the Sycol programme was right for them:


“I first learned about Sycol at the Pixl conference when I attended a presentation By Dr Ioan Rees.


Ioan spoke passionately about the need for successful organisations to embrace their culture and to be clear about what they work for. What impressed me was his reference to “the standard ” and that that this had to be in everything that and organisation/schools does.


This got me thinking as I had felt that my school need to look at its culture. I was keen to look at a new way of resurging the school and its community and felt that Sycol could offer me this opportunity.


To date we have held out first session with Ioan leading the whole staff in identifying the mission and values we aspire to achieve. The staff left the session envigorated and determined to get involved with the next session. We needed 10 staff to come forward to be trained as leads and we found ourselves oversubscribed. I am very exited about the Sycol journey and have been supported throughout by Ioan and the team. I cannot wait for the next stage of our journey.”


We look forward to seeing how the team progresses – watch this space!


If you’d like to explore how Sycol will support your school or academy please get in touch on 02920 444 006 or email us at





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