Project Description

Last week I was honoured to give a presentation and run a workshop at the annual SSAT Lead Practitioner conference.



The conference examined the questions:

  • What is a high-performance culture and how does this align with existing school values?
    • How do we engage with teachers to ensure they buy into this culture shift?
    • What are the conditions for high impact practice without exhausting teachers?
    • What can we do to recognise and nurture the talent in schools?
    • What already exists that we can build on to grow a high performing culture in our schools?


It was a thought-provoking, inspiring and practical day, which developed the theme of high performing cultures and how this vision is translated into high impact practice by the very teacher’s Senior Leaders must retain in schools.


It made me think about what’s needed for a successful conference.  Conferences are difficult to get right – content especially.  Sharing information that has the potential for being transformational in practice terms is what senior leaders value – information that relates to strengthening a high-performance culture.  Read more on our blog What Makes a Great Head Teacher Conference.


If you have a conference coming up and you’d like to include a thought-provoking session on creating a culture of high performance, please feel free to get in touch at

I look forward to working with you.