Project Description

Minster Infants School wanted to move to the next level and cement a culture of high performance and continuous improvement. The headteacher of this busy, successful city school was looking to distribute her leadership further and empower her staff to drive more change across the school. Having listened to Sycol present at the the Croydon Headteachers’ conference, she was convinced that Sycol would be the correct partner for The Minster School.



The first task following a series of planning conversations was to conduct a session with the entire staff to rework a compelling Vision, Mission and set of core values for the school and re affirm the mindset of continuous improvement, lean and solutions.


A team of Sycol leads were selected from across the staff team that then received a further one-day training to introduce deeper thinking in relation to high-performance, running innovation teams and raising systemic standards.


They were led, step-by-step by a Sycol Black-Belt trainer through the content of Sycol for the year ahead – a roadmap to success.


All staff were buoyed and positive about their new Core Framework (Vision, Mission, Values) and the Sycol Leads provide the following feedback at the end of their initial training:


  • We learned good timescales – it’s a big picture deliverable in small chunks
  • It’s a great structure – we need to follow it and trust in the process
  • Great to learn how to do Lean
  • Good to share best practice with other schools
  • Achieved a lot in small amount of time
  • Looking forward to seeing our innovation, their rewards and who will be involved in them
  • Excited regarding the impact of our new Core Framework around school
  • This is harnessing our talent as a staff
  • It’s thorough and rigourous




In keeping with Sycol mindset – it’s all about distributed leadership and developing leadership right across the board. Therefore, whilst the Heads and her SLT are trained as Leads they are not the ones that will be driving the work. This is a team effort and Leads will be working with all staff to engage and include them in innovation and continuous improvement.




Congratulations to the Minster leads graduating as green belts!