Project Description

Earlier this year the The Academy of St Nicholas (formerly Enterprise South Liverpool Academy/ESLA) came together to create the vision for the Academy and to embark on an exclusive 3-year training programme for staff.  The evening was a huge success and staff, including teachers, support assistants, reception, business and technical staff joined in to train together. This exciting initiative has really enthused staff to take an active role in the current wave of improvement in school under the direction of Mrs Pontifex, renowned for her outstanding leadership.



High calibre recruitment is a high priority for the Academy and, moving forward, they believe that high performing teams will shape the future of students at The Academy of St Nicholas.




“We are proud of our commitment to continued professional development here and to developing new staff as they arrive at the Academy. Teaching and learning are at the heart of what we do here and we believe in growing our own. I can really see the leaders of the future amongst staff who continually make a difference to the future of students’ futures by teaching excellent lessons every day. I love being part of a strong community with a shared vision to improve the lives of each generation of students we teach, serve, inspire and support.”


Mrs St John, Assistant Head



The work starts now as Dr Ioan Rees begins to train the 10 selected leads. Each lead will recruit their team and research the best education practices, locally, nationally and globally to inform the future of education here. We can’t wait to see each project unfold.




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