Project Description


Hamford Primary Academy joined the Sycol programme in 2015 under the headship of Benedick Ashmore-Short:


“I was absolutely on a high about what Sycol will add to our Academy . . . at last in the public sector we are seeing a model that will support educational improvement into the future.”  


Congratulations to Benedick who went on to win Pearson Primary Headteacher of the Year and is now Director of Education – Primary at Reach4 Academy Trust.  We wish him every success.


“Sycol has been a fantastic programme for setting the standard for our staff and children. It has helped to create system led leadership throughout the Academy ensuring that school standards are set by all as we help to design the educational landscape of the future.”



Hamford Primary Academy continues to make progress with the Sycol programme and we look forward to working with them in 2017-18.


If you’d like to explore how Sycol will support your school or academy please get in touch on 02920 444 006 or email us at