For us at Sycol it comes as no surprise, yet relief, that at last Ofsted propose revising their judgement category headings next year from the current:


1. Effectiveness of leadership and management

2. Quality of teaching and learning

3. Personal development, behaviour and wellbeing

4. Outcomes for children and learners


To the following…

1. Personal development

2. Behaviour and attitudes

3. Schools’ leadership and management


The revised headings make clear that overall outcomes are a product of all three and, that by investigating the quality of these influencing factors, schools (and not just Ofsted) will identify the real drivers of performance and achievement — both of staff and student.

Quality T&L is an outcome, just as are results — measuring outputs like this give no information as to what needs to change other than these end-game indicators.

Now at last we have a real opportunity and mandate to invest in building and assessing what really counts — the culture and behaviour, attitude and leadership within our schools that determine for staff and student their aspiration, wellbeing, performance and success.

Whilst other school improvement programmes have been focusing on improving outcomes, the Sycol programme has held steadfast and become the leading provider of a programme that improves inputs. It develops high performance culture, intentionally, through raising the quality of attitude, behaviour, leadership and management and has an unparalleled track-record of achieving success with all types of schools.


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