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“I was absolutely on a high about what Sycol will add to our Academy; at last we are seeing a model that will support educational improvement into the future.”

Benedick Ashmore-Short - Director of Education, Astrea Academy Trust


Created by expert Educational Psychologist and thought leader Dr Ioan Rees, the Sycol approach is perfect for any school or academy as it has everything needed to make improvement simpler.

The 3-year Sycol programme makes the mindset, discipline and culture of high-performance possible for hundreds of schools and academies across the country. The simple and direct approach that is taught is revolutionising the way leaders and staff think, work, innovate and take full ownership for what they do and say.

Who We Are

Sycol works with a range of educational organisations, both in the UK and internationally, to help transform performance and results. These include:

  • Maintained, Independent and International Schools
  • Academies and Multi-Academy Trusts
  • Further & Higher Education institutes
  • Children’s Services

What We Do

The Sycol Programme delivers proven, practical guidance for your school or academy to ensure you achieve excellence by embedding continuous improvement at the heart of all that you do.

The 3-year programme provides a clear structure to achieve excellence shared in the form of Focus Points that are organised in three phases; Build, Embed and Sustain.

Why It Works

Every vibrant, healthy, inspiring, innovative and positive learning culture that we have helped build has not occurred because culture has been placed ahead of strategy, but because it has been a key driver of the school’s strategy. 

With Sycol, all members of staff take part in regular innovation projects that involve research to solve your key improvement priorities, creating a positive energy at the core of your school or academy.

The Sycol Programme

The Sycol programme promotes a high performance culture in your school or academy as it:

  • Engages all staff in continuous, positive self-improvement
  • Raises the bar
  • Creates effective distributed leadership at all levels
  • Reviews and aligns the school vision, mission and values with strategic performance
  • Promotes the practices of sharing knowledge and utilising expertise between schools and academies to create a ‘self-improving’ learning community;
  • Stimulates a vibrant, positive learning culture that promotes whole-school improvement in place of firefighting problems as and when they arise
  • Allows you to work at your own pace through a guided online programme to raise standards
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