Creative schools: the culture revolution that’s transforming education

/Creative schools: the culture revolution that’s transforming education

This week in London it’s the BETT show, the largest educational show in the UK and a great place to find out about new ideas and future technology.  I expect many of you will be going.


I’m so pleased to see that Sir Ken Robinson is once again giving a keynote speech entitled Creative schools: The grassroots revolution that’s transforming education.  His TED Talks are the most viewed and he has had the best attended Bett Arena Session for good reason – his speeches inspire teachers, parents and policy makers alike to rethink the real value and purpose of education.


Sir Ken is also involved with a project called Most Likely to Succeed (MLTS), a US-based campaign designed to inspire – and empower – communities to revolutionize their schools for the 21st Century.


MLTS are promoting an important movement that invites a crucial sea-change required to the mindset and methodology of the current educational landscape.  It’s a fascinating project and you can watch a short trailer at


Just like our work here at Sycol, MLTS predicate their position upon the need for a wholesale change to our now very outdated and industrial-aged education system in order to make it fit for the 21st century.


We are facing the dawn of a ‘no-collar’ era, one where our children will require altogether new, mainly entrepreneurial, skills to forge successful global futures.  Unless action is taken soon, our children will be lumbered only with the skills required to be competitive within the previous white collar v blue collar century.




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