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Making Progress with the Sycol Belt system

We’re often asked how we measure progress and celebrate achievement in schools and academies working their way through the Sycol programme of BUILD, EMBED and SUSTAIN.

In Defence of Performance Review

Maybe the tossing out of performance reviews is not the answer to the challenges associated with traditional annual feedback.

Which “P” is Best: Performance Review or Performance Management?

Are cutting edge organisations are ditching the annual performance review in search of a better way to deliver meaningful feedback?

Creative schools: the culture revolution that’s transforming education

I’m so pleased to see that Sir Ken Robinson is once again giving a keynote speech entitled Creative schools: The grassroots revolution that’s transforming education.

Using the SYCOL system to develop Home Learning at Egremont School

We started our SYCOL journey with Ioan and the SYCOL team towards the end of the 2014/15 with a whole staff meeting, which Ioan facilitated.

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