June 2018

What’s the best way to develop School Leaders?


Over the next few years, approximately 10,000 school leaders -- heads, deputies and assistant heads -- will be retiring.

What’s the best way to develop School Leaders?2018-06-20T13:43:58+00:00

September 2017

5 Ways in which to Counter Teacher Burnout


Burnout is a becoming a major problem in the modern workplace, and one of the biggest challenges in schools and academies.

5 Ways in which to Counter Teacher Burnout2017-09-28T17:14:53+00:00

August 2017

Who Comes First and Why


Who comes first: Employees, customers or shareholders? HR Bartender Sharlyn Lauby says this is the question that drives every company culture. While some organisations fall back on the happiness equation wherein happy employees means happy customers, and happy customers means happy shareholders. However, in education, the answer must be the customer: students and their parents.

Who Comes First and Why2017-08-16T13:12:59+00:00

July 2017

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