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How do we push past governmental inertia and do something truly innovative for Britain’s schools?

The industrial economy is long gone in the UK, replaced instead by the knowledge economy, wherein more people work in front of a computer than on an assembly line. Unfortunately, the education system is still structured for the industrial age.

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5 Ways in which to Counter Teacher Burnout

Burnout is a becoming a major problem in the modern workplace, and one of the biggest challenges in schools and academies.

How to Create a Resilient School Culture

Resilience is often considered the ability to overcome hardship and adapt quickly to change. And let’s face it: Maybe our school systems aren’t resilient enough.

5 Ways to Cultivate a Growth Mindset

The only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves. This is the case for individuals and for organisations. So when we see top heavy organisations with strong attachment to the way things have always been done, we see an organisation that has set limitations for itself and its employees.

Motivation vs Discipline

Is it really necessary for leaders to be inspirational? Is motivation an indicator of engagement? While some would argue that, yes, leaders need to inspire and that motivation leads to better engagement, there is another school of thought: The best engagement is a result of culture alignment, a sense of purpose, and the exercise of discipline.

Understanding the Connection Between Engagement and Performance

There is an undeniable connection between employee engagement and performance. This is evidenced by the culture-focused organisations that top the lists of best places to work, where employees often cite great leaders, excellent pay, and a challenging but rewarding environment.

Making Progress with the Sycol Belt system

We’re often asked how we measure progress and celebrate achievement in schools and academies working their way through the Sycol programme of BUILD, EMBED and SUSTAIN.

In Defence of Performance Review

Maybe the tossing out of performance reviews is not the answer to the challenges associated with traditional annual feedback.

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