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June 2018

How to Eliminate Energy Wastage


In my third instalment thinking about the principles of ‘LEAN’, I want to consider eliminating energy wastage. I am not thinking here about the water meter or LED bulb type, rather the physical, mental and emotional sort.

How to Eliminate Energy Wastage2018-06-20T12:29:46+00:00

December 2017

Eliminating Time Wastage


The hardest part about running is putting your trainers on; that discipline of tightening the laces and actually getting out of the door.  In organisations, the first step to saving time is the discipline of setting some aside to think about where to save it.

Eliminating Time Wastage2018-06-20T13:06:08+00:00

September 2017

5 Ways in which to Counter Teacher Burnout


Burnout is a becoming a major problem in the modern workplace, and one of the biggest challenges in schools and academies.

5 Ways in which to Counter Teacher Burnout2017-09-28T17:14:53+00:00

How to Create a Resilient School Culture


Resilience is often considered the ability to overcome hardship and adapt quickly to change. And let’s face it: Maybe our school systems aren’t resilient enough.

How to Create a Resilient School Culture2017-09-13T18:05:02+00:00

August 2017

Steps to ‘Lean’ Educational Leadership


When Sycol founder Dr Ioan Rees asked me to write a blog that people will find informative and helpful during the school day it made me think: does anyone ever have the time to read a blog in a school day?

Steps to ‘Lean’ Educational Leadership2017-12-11T10:39:54+00:00

Innovation in a Time of Crisis


Few things have changed since the advent of the modern education system. At least that’s the common belief: Education needs reform. What has changed dramatically is that many teachers work in what’s being called an “exam factory” rather than truly offering students the benefits of their deep subject knowledge.

Innovation in a Time of Crisis2017-08-16T13:56:58+00:00

Who Comes First and Why


Who comes first: Employees, customers or shareholders? HR Bartender Sharlyn Lauby says this is the question that drives every company culture. While some organisations fall back on the happiness equation wherein happy employees means happy customers, and happy customers means happy shareholders. However, in education, the answer must be the customer: students and their parents.

Who Comes First and Why2017-08-16T13:12:59+00:00

May 2017

5 Ways to Cultivate a Growth Mindset


The only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves. This is the case for individuals and for organisations. So when we see top heavy organisations with strong attachment to the way things have always been done, we see an organisation that has set limitations for itself and its employees.

5 Ways to Cultivate a Growth Mindset2017-06-02T16:37:46+00:00
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