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Funding Constraints in Schools

Britain's schools are facing some big challenges, not the least of which is the reduction of funding in recent years.

Managing Mission Creep

According to the UCL Institute of Education blog, since the 2010 coalition government announced that schools should be focused on “educating young people,” there have been a whole slew of new expectations placed on schools.

The Impact of the Rise in Pupil Numbers

UK schools are facing some big challenges. In addition to a shortage of teachers, particularly in secondary schools, the student population is growing.

How do we push past governmental inertia and do something truly innovative for Britain’s schools?

The industrial economy is long gone in the UK, replaced instead by the knowledge economy, wherein more people work in front of a computer than on an assembly line. Unfortunately, the education system is still structured for the industrial age.

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Effective Governance: Strengthening High Performance Culture in your school

Effective Governance will strengthen a High Performance Culture in your school.  Our course designed specifically for Governors will identify the tools and clear process required.

Eliminating Time Wastage

The hardest part about running is putting your trainers on; that discipline of tightening the laces and actually getting out of the door.  In organisations, the first step to saving time is the discipline of setting some aside to think about where to save it.

5 Ways in which to Counter Teacher Burnout

Burnout is a becoming a major problem in the modern workplace, and one of the biggest challenges in schools and academies.

How to Create a Resilient School Culture

Resilience is often considered the ability to overcome hardship and adapt quickly to change. And let’s face it: Maybe our school systems aren’t resilient enough.

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