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Making Progress with the Sycol Belt system

We’re often asked how we measure progress and celebrate achievement in schools and academies working their way through the Sycol programme of BUILD, EMBED and SUSTAIN.

Three Ways to Help Staff Grow, Learn and Develop

Watch how supporting your employees’ personal and professional goals creates a more engaged and happy team overall.

Create a Positive Collaboration in a High Performance Culture

Netflix is known for its high-performance culture based on “freedom and responsibility,” but it’s also been called a culture of fear.

Schools and Businesses Must Partner to Prepare Students for the Modern Workplace

A recent headline from the BBC reads: “School-leavers ‘lack essential workplace skills."

What Does Performance Management Look Like in a High Performance Culture?

While most recognise that the annual performance review model is broken . . . performance management is an important part of running a high performance organisation.

3 Ways to Build Peer Coaching in a High Performance Organisation

Peer coaching is a highly effective and financially prudent way to build comradery, boost performance and bolster collaboration within the high-performance educational culture.

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