Ioan Rees inspires and empower those he trains so that they achieve far more than they expect or even dared hope. His great talent is in translating the psychology of solutions oriented change and effective organisational systems, making them accessible for speedy positive results. And these are results that not only make a significant difference but a ‘difference’ that lasts!

Ioan is an entrepreneurial professional with client care as the cornerstone of his business. He is a solution focused leader and a pleasure to work with.

Matt Ditchfield, Chief Executive Officer Success for All UK

Ioan Rees has from the beginning of my association with him, impressed me by his integrity and professionalism, either quality is admirable in itself, but the two in combination, make him an effective leader who inspires confidence and trust.

Ioan is a gifted speaker who combines integrity and humour in communicating his expertise. Several years on, his consultancy is still influential within the organisations with which he worked and beyond.

I met Ioan several years ago in Wales and was so immediately captured by his passion and clear presentation of a competency based approach to distress. We had to have him to Canada! He traverses the contexts of social distress and organizational change. He’s one of the next generation of must see trainers.

Ioan’s work with Sycol is an excellent example of a cutting edge application of innovative ideas, with a real passion for developing culturally attuned organisations and the integrity that comes with thoroughly living the principles behind the practices.  This is organisational development work of the highest calibre – what we could properly call generative change in action.

Sycol’s work enabled me to get all staff seeing the Solution Oriented way of working in a way that reached so many people with quite negative core beliefs. It gave them a way of working, which even the most “black and white” attitudes, could see and use.
Ioan is an inspirational leader and speaker, with huge successes in many areas.
Take a look at Sycol.

Ioan was inspirational and a joy to work with. His training programme was excellent – well devised and expertly delivered – a true master class. At the end we all felt we had a whole new tool kit of practical skills to work with. It was very good value for money.”