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5 Ways to Cultivate a Growth Mindset


The only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves. This is the case for individuals and for organisations. So when we see top heavy organisations with strong attachment to the way things have always been done, we see an organisation that has set limitations for itself and its employees.

Motivation vs Discipline


Is it really necessary for leaders to be inspirational? Is motivation an indicator of engagement? While some would argue that, yes, leaders need to inspire and that motivation leads to better engagement, there is another school of thought: The best engagement is a result of culture alignment, a sense of purpose, and the exercise of discipline.

February 2017

Addressing the Recruiting and Retention Challenges in Education


Teaching is often considered a noble but thankless job. With reductions in resources and bigger class sizes, being a teacher has become even more challenging in recent years.

Making Progress with the Sycol Belt system


We’re often asked how we measure progress and celebrate achievement in schools and academies working their way through the Sycol programme of BUILD, EMBED and SUSTAIN.

January 2017

December 2016

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