Sycol – the simple, effective and affordable continuous improvement programme for schools and academies

Great learning cultures are intentional. They are built by design and produce the very best outcomes for learners.

Every vibrant, healthy, inspiring, innovative and positive learning culture that we have helped build has occurred not because culture has been placed ahead of strategy, but because it has been a key driver of the school’s strategy.

Here at Sycol we have created a simple, effective and affordable continuous improvement programme to help schools and academies build and sustain an innovative culture by making it a focus point within the school strategy.

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Plan for the long term

Provides a structured, three year plan that will guide you and your staff each step of the way in building the culture and practice of continuous improvement


Allows you to see and use innovations and new systems developed by other schools in the areas of teaching and learning, behaviour, environment and distributed leadership – ideal for sharing best practice and encouraging development

Get ahead

Stimulates a vibrant, positive learning culture that promotes whole-school improvement in place of firefighting problems as and when they arise

Develop your team

Engages all staff in continuous, positive self-improvement and will help you whatever your starting point and create effective distributed leadership at all levels

Measure and achieve

Manage and measure your school improvements and work at your own pace through our guided online programme which will help you track your progress and allow us to support you in a cost effective and timely way

Get results

The programme is used to good effect in primary, secondary, special and further education sectors and will help you whatever your starting point – whether you need to get better because you are ‘required to improve’ or whether you want an effective way of maintaining and extending your outstanding status.

How the Sycol Programme works

Sycol’s programme is perfect for schools as it has everything to make continuous improvement simpler.
The programme is split into three phases: Build, Embed and Sustain, to provide a clear structure to achieve and sustain excellence.

Over the course of the programme Sycol provides a combination of onsite training, web and phone support and an online programme of resources that will allow your school or academy to:

  • Chart your own journey and progress against a set of ‘stepping stones’
  • Share experiences, resources and best practices with each other and other schools
  • Engage and involve all members of your learning community in continuous improvement

Our Customers

Discover how the Sycol programme has helped schools and academies in your area


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