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  • 1. Get Organised

    Simplify your improvement plan with a step-by-step method for achieving excellence.

    You'll get better distribution of leadership, higher standards of performance and a can-do culture.

  • 2. Empower Staff

    Ensure ALL staff members are engaged in improvement activities and feel rewarded from it.

    You can search for completed innovations from other schools within: teaching & learning, behaviour & safety, environment, continuous improvement strategies, distributed leadership & management.

  • 3. Sustainable Results

    Have a workable plan that sees improvements made, maintained.

    You will succeed. We help hundreds of schools and academies build, embed and sustain excellence.

  • 4. Deliver Group Consistency and High Standards

    Have a unifying framework for your cluster, alliance or SIG to drive standards and consistency.


Customer Stories

University of Chester Academy Trust

About: UCAT is the leading University multi-sponsor of Academy schools nationally. They are committed to developing a family of Academy schools in the North West of England creating a collaborative learning culture. Working closely with the University of Chester's Faculty of Education they have the capacity for school to school improvement spanning over 250 primary, secondary and special schools.

How we help: " UCAT academies have come from very different cultural backgrounds and are all at a different stage of their development. It was really important to us to embed our core beliefs consistently and quickly and ensure that staff and pupils understood and embraced them. Our challenge was to find a provider that would deliver this for us in a positive and constructive way so that staff saw it as a tool to help them to deliver the best education possible. By using the Sycol approach, we are confident that we will achieve this and that pupils will be able to learn and demonstrate the UCAT core beliefs on a daily basis. "

Godley Primary School

About: Godley is an averaged sized community primary school where “the head teacher is a very effective leader who has developed a good quality team of leaders, managers and governors who adopt a successful collaborative approach to continuously improving teaching and pupils’ achievement” (Ofsted).

How we help: " We engaged with SYCOL as we wanted an effective framework and team to support us in our drive for school improvement. The SYCOL Programme enabled us to re-establish a clear vision and mission and a set of values which the school community are committed to and have ownership of. We have improved consistency and standards across all areas of school. "

-- Suzanne Clawley-Welton, Head TeacherGodley Community Primary School. Hyde, Manchester.

John Paul Academy

About: John Paul Academy is a secondary school situated in a challenging area within Glasgow city. Education Scotland report that it has a “positive climate for learning supported by clear leadership” and a “strong commitment of staff to leading whole-school improvement groups.” (The Specification)

How we help: " John Paul Academy is delighted that it chose to work with SYCOL as a company who could enable the school to move forward in so many different areas and to ensure a successful planning mechanism for the future success of our young people. The Systemic approach is ultimately a simple approach and the clarity of ideas and purpose has not been available to us elsewhere. The reduction in exclusions (now the lowest in Glasgow), the significant year on year improvements in attainment and the general feel good factor for all who work in John Paul Academy are largely down to our work with SYCOL. When we say, WORKING TOGETHER TO ACHIEVE OUR BEST, we believe it and see it every day. We live it, because SYCOL has enabled us to develop as a school community and to maintain an agenda of continuous improvement, implement the Curriculum for Excellence well and be fully prepared with regard to the expectations of Education Scotland. "

-- Vincent Docherty, Head Teacher, John Paul Academy, Glasgow

Teaching School Alliance – Kelsall

About: Kelsall Primary is a Teaching School in Cheshire.

How we help: " We have always held at the heart of our school a shared vision for the children and community that we serve. The educational landscape is changing at such a pace and due to the innovative and pro-active nature of our governors, staff and community we applied to become a Teaching School - bringing great opportunity and challenge. Sycol for us is a way of ensuring that Kelsall Primary as Teaching School, stays at the cutting-edge of innovative practice and educational development. The Sycol systems give our school mechanisms to help us work leaner and move forward in a fast-paced educational environment. It hones in our collective core values and principles and uses these to enable us to develop purposeful whole school changes to ultimately improve outcomes for children at Kelsall. Sycol has also enabled us to ‘regroup’ and reconsider our vision, mission and core values. Sycol ‘simplifies’ the change process and supports the development of the whole teaching-school team as facilitators and masters of this change. "

-- David Wearing , Head of School, Kelsall Teaching School

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